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Capacity building through physical and technological infrastructure, skills development and business retention

In addition to the need for an ongoing commitment to sustainable services and facilities, skills development and business retention are two key challenges for the screen production community in NSW.

Skills development is an issue that Screen Producers Australia, in association with Screen NSW and the Sydney - based resource centre Metro Screen, have been looking at in 2013. In October, the three organisations collaborated in a NSW skills summit. This was prompted by concerns that there is a lack of training opportunities, as distinct from qualifications, in the broader production community . In particular, relevant courses for training that have been dropped from the skills priority list for NSW.

This roundtable discussion included other representatives from Australian Directors Guild, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, Ausfilm and Screen Australia. The discussion aimed to identify areas of skills shortages, agree on strategies to address those skills shortages and to exchange information on skills and training. Screen Producers Australia anticipates that the summit will occur annually.

As part of the skills summit, Screen Producers Australia conducted a survey of members from across the country to identify skills gaps. It also aimed to better understand perceptions of different approaches to industry training.