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Screen Producers Australia CEO, Matthew Deaner welcomes Kim Dalton paper on The ABC & Australian Screen Culture

Today, our CEO Matthew Deaner welcomed the release of Kim Dalton’s paper Missing in Action: The ABC and Australia’s screen culture, published by Currency House.

“Kim Dalton is a respected leader in our industry. He has deep breadth of experience in the industry including as CEO of the Australian Film Commission and Director of ABC TV. In writing about the unique position the ABC occupies in Australian screen culture, Mr Dalton brings an authority to the subject that very few possess.” Mr Deaner said.

“Mr Dalton’s paper is a well-written, well-argued and well-substantiated account of the ABC’s unique role over time in the Australian film and television industry. The release is timely. As the commercial broadcasters ask the Government to remove specific obligations to local industry, as international platforms such as Netflix, and soon Amazon, rapidly establish themselves in Australia, as the UK Government increases regulatory oversight on the BBC’s local content obligations and its impact on competition; it is important that industry and Government give deep consideration to the ABC’s role, the type of oversight it should have, as well as its commitment to the local screen industry.”

“I commend Mr Dalton’s paper.”

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