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Today, our CEO Matthew Deaner noted the Government’s response to the Productivity Commission’s report on Intellectual Property arrangements, which was released late Friday afternoon.

“As I said when the Productivity Commission’s report was released, the recommendations are an attack on Australia’s creative community. While the Government’s response mediates some of the harder edges of Productivity Commission’s recommendations, it does not reject them; for example, merely “noting” the dangerous recommendations around geo-blocking.”

“Significant issues such as fair use and safe harbour have been kicked into the long grass for further consultation, generating further uncertainty. These two issues have been the subject of several Government reviews over the past decade. Views are well known. Simply put, if implemented, they will be an instrument of wealth transfer from Australia’s creative community to Silicon Valley. 

“The Government has agreed to greater coordination of policy making with respect to intellectual property. I welcome this sensible approach and Screen Producers Australia will continue to engage with the Government on these significant copyright issues.”

Download the release.

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