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SCREEN FOREVER 2017 Speeches

Reinforcing its place as the must-attend event for screen production business in Australia, SCREEN FOREVER provided a forum for connection, partnerships and discussion of the most important issues facing the industry today.

Over the course of the three days, 72 sessions were scheduled covering insightful discussions on diversity and gender issues within our industry, the future of screen content through VR and AR, Australian content in a globalised world, the future of children's television, financing and best business practices, and an exclusive presentation of ABC's Q&A.

Welcome Address

Welcoming delegates to the conference, Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner, delivered a powerful speech on representation and the importance of empowering Australians with the stories that are told. He also touched on the industry’s relationship with government and how "Bureaucrats often wield more power over our industry than they realise. A resentful, mendicant model is emerging where applicants must jump through more and more hoops to get access to Government support."

Deaner’s address also touched on Hollywood’s recent sexual harassment accusations and enforced SPA's stance of “zero tolerance for sexual harassment”. It’s not just SPA and guilds like MEAA who need to work together towards a safe workplace. The industry must all work together, as a united front, to stamp out sexual harassment.

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Hector Crawford Memorial Lecture

The Hector Crawford Memorial Lecture is the major public statement of the screen and broadcasting industries given by an esteemed and highly respected media and entertainment figure each year at SCREEN FOREVER.

The 2017 Hector Crawford Memorial Lecture was delivered by Justin Milne, a driving force of innovation across every phase of his career traversing media, telecommunications and broadcasting. Mr Milne’s career combines experience in telecommunications, marketing and media. As Chief Executive Officer of three of Australia’s largest internet service providers, OzEmail, MSN and BigPond, he built significant media businesses in the online and mobile phone worlds. He has been responsible for many successful marketing campaigns and has been honoured with a number of awards.

During his oration, Milne outlined the challenges facing the ABC and producers, digital disruption and set out new opportunities for Australian content. He also commented on regulation and the need for Netflix, Amazon and the new market entrants to make a strong commitment to local industry.

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