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Today, our CEO Matthew Deaner welcomed reports from Brussels that the European Union is looking to impose local content obligations on Netflix, Amazon and other online streaming services. The EU Parliament has voted to impose a 30 per cent local content quota, as well as an expenditure and promotion obligation for local programming. Late last year a House of Representatives Committee made similar recommendations.

“The EU Parliament has recognised the need for a level playing field where both broadcast media and online streaming services are regulated similarly. A level playing field is good for businesses, audiences and industry.” Mr Deaner said.

In its submission to the ACCC, Free TV – the organisation representing Australian commercial television broadcasters – argued for a level playing field in the competition for advertising and viewers. Free TV wants greater regulatory oversight on online platforms to level the playing field with established media operators. This comes at a time when the commercial broadcasters want to abolish their own regulatory environment, in particular for children’s programming.

“I support Free TV’s position on level playing fields. But as I have said time and again, the response to disruption is evolution, not devolution. This position of deregulating Australian content on the one hand and regulating Australian advertising on the other is absurd. A holistic approach is required.”

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