Screen Producers Australia - Producers Accreditation Scheme

Acknowledging the producer

The Screen Producers Australia Accreditation Scheme:

Offers the accreditation S.P.A. mark to producers for productions completed after 1 January 2014 to include in the screen credits as an acknowledgement of her or his role and contribution, is referenced when classifying eligible producers for inclusion in the Screen Producers Australia Awards* and can assist in mediation of any credit disputes.

How does it work?

The S.P.A. acronym is offered to producer/s lodging the Levy Request for Information Form (RFI) for members or the Notice of Producer Credit Form for non-members for their feature film, documentary or television drama production with Screen Producers Australia.

Accreditation is a short, two stage process. First, check the qualifying criteria for the production then fill in and submit the relevant form.

Production Criteria
  • Click here for Australian Feature Film guidelines
  • Click here for Australian Feature and Broadcast Documentary guidelines
  • Click here for Australian Long Form Television (drama, narrative comedy and children’s) guidelines
Members Registration
  • Tick the S.P.A. accreditation box and list all producers to receive a full producer credit
  • The producer/s will be contacted within 3-5 business days of the RFI being submitted
Non-Members Registration
  • Important Notice: Lodgment of the Notice Of Producer Credit form is for accreditation purposes only and does not entitle non-member producers and/or businesses and their employees to utilise Screen Producers Australia agreements and template contracts under any circumstances. These documents are for exclusive use on member productions and unauthorised use by non-members is in breach of Screen Producers Australia intellectual property rights.
  • Non-member access to copyrighted agreements and template contracts can be granted through an agreement and licensing system and payment of the levy on the production. For further details contact Brad Taylor.

Further Information And Feedback

The accreditation system will eventually be expanded to include all other forms of production, including multimedia and interactive, and other producer roles after further consultation. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Screen Producers Australia Producer Accreditation Scheme please contact Brad Taylor.

E |   D | 02 8076 5880

*Only financial members are eligible to enter the Screen Producers Australia Awards. For information on the 2016 SPA Awards, contact Brad Taylor.